Joint Stock Company "GTL" was created in Moscow in 2000 by the president of the "Vostok" bank, Kadyrov Rafis Faizovich. It was created as an innovative company that performs the most complex venture projects that require highly qualified specialists, considerable amount of time and financial investments. The company was given a task to find new highly profitable ways of obtaining motor fuels and synthesis of essential chemical compounds from natural and associated petroleum gas without duplicating solutions which are already implemented in the chemical industry.

We have studied the works of leading Russian scientists involved in basic researches in chemistry, physics, mathematics, experimental mechanical engineering, electronics, nuclear and fusion energy. We have offered long-term cooperation to many scientists in these fields and signed contracts with equity participation. Thus, more than fifty world-class scientists became the co-founders of the company. They transferred the ownership of their results of many years of their work to "GTL" and continued research with the assistance of other research institutes and laboratories of higher educational institutions.

The company has created and patented a number of advanced technologies for the construction of plants processing alcohols, alkanes, gasoline, diesel fuel, hydrogen, fertilizers and other chemicals used in the production sector and medicine. Today "GTL" is ahead of all known competitors in this area.

To build a plant processing these products we create a consortium together with the best design, engineering and construction companies. When we start working in a new country we establish joint venture with government and/or public or private companies owning oil and gas fields or engaged in the production and sale of natural resources. When creating joint ventures we use standard conditions noted below. These may slightly vary depending on the wishes of our partners:

"GTL" provides a joint venture with the technologies and international patents licenses required to construct plants in a particular country;

JSC "GTL" constructs a plant, trains staff and performs annual warranty maintenance that allows replacement of the equipment when new generation equipment becomes available that offers scientific and technological solutions increasing profitability.

Plant operations and sales are handed over to our partners who then become owners of a control stock in the future company. We bear the plant construction costs and local business organization expenses according to our participation share. In exceptional cases, after consultation with the government, "GTL" can fully finance the construction with our own investment and draw financial partners into the project, following subsequent by issued part-shares on the international stock markets and conducting IPO.

Currently "GTL" has signed agreements and is working on the different stages of plant construction projects with the following countries and companies:

  1. USA. CAL TECH ENERGY, INC, capacity - 100 000 tons per year.
  2. Sudan. Sudapet Company Ltd., capacity - 100 000 tons per year.
  3. Iraq. South Oil Company, capacity - 100 000 tons per year.
  4. Iran. Tamin Oil & Gas Investment Company, capacity - 100 000 tons per year.
  5. Indonesia. PT. SAMUDERA PETRO GAS, capacity - 100 000 tons per year.
  6. Transnistria. The Government of the Moldovan Transdniestrian Republic, capacity - 335,000 tons per year.
  7. Ethiopia. The Government of Ethiopia, capacity - 1 250 000 tonnes per year.

We use services of Russian or international agents and intermediary companies when starting business in new countries, organizing negotiation and concluding contracts. Our standard terms for joint ventures are available in the "Documents" section. "GTL" is interested in developing business in all regions with oil and gas reserves. But the following countries are priority for us:

  1. Venezuela
  2. Myanmar
  3. Nigeria
  4. Algeria
  5. Tunisia
  6. Angola
  7. Oman
  8. Saudi Arabia
  9. Canada
  10. Mexica
  11. Qatar
  12. Malaysia
  13. Egypt
  14.  Uzbekistan




GTL has developed, patented and introduced more than one hundred innovative technologies