18 / 12 / 2017

JSC "GTL" President Rafis Kadyrov had taken part in a dialogue with Malaysian counterpart when he visited Kuala Lumpur on a working visit, 13-14 Dec 2017, during which both parties signed the Agreement to set up the Joint Venture in Malaysia.

JV’s Goals
- to set up in Malaysia an advance research and development center to facilitate adoption, promote and implement in industry JSC GTL’s technology innovations in Asia Pacific;
- to explore the regional market of stranded associated and natural gas aiming subsequent construction in Asia Pacific of moderate scale GTL-plants based on JSC GTL’s innovative technologies.

JSC GTL’s equity stake in shareholding is 65%. The equity stake in the JV of other partners was allocated as follows,
Investors and owners of stranded associated/natural gas – 15%;
Malaysia-based researchers and technology developers - 10%;
Russian researchers and technology developers - 10%.

As soon as the JV gets more mature a lot comprising from 10% up to 14.9% of JSC GTL’s equity stake in the JV envisaged to be listed at Asian stock markets. The financing amount secured in IPO exercise will be allocated for funding of JSC GTL’s strategic R&TD program development at JV’s facilities in Malaysia.

GTL has developed, patented and introduced more than one hundred innovative technologies