08 / 02 / 2017
The development of the project in Tanzania

A letter from the company's partners in Tanzania.

Dear Rafis, I am pleased to note that work for the construction of the GTL plant is 75 % completed. On our side we have now completed the registration of the company. Land for the plant has been identified using the criteria that it should be near the gas pipeline outlet valve and storage tanks for condensates. Mukuranga district 50 kms from dsm fits above criteria.

During your visit you will be able to visit and give us your opinion. In the meanwhile please indicate how much land is required. During your visit we will have our first board meeting to deliberate on following issues.

1. Technical proposal of the project
2. Financing of the project
3. Marketing
4. Banking
5. Administration and Technical Management
6. Office and accommodation of experts.
7. All other issues.

We suggest visits to ministries and Bankers be part of your schedule. In view of the above we suggest a five days visit would be ideal. We will in this week send you an invitation for arrival 5th march until 12th march. Please confirm the above dates are acceptable and the names of all the people accompanying you. We will write a letter to the Tanzania embassy to support your visa.


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